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Information Technology

The ICT subject team has high expectations of both staff and learners and aims to deliver a varied and interesting range of ICT subject material. Which will give our learners the opportunity to experience the many varied aspects of the subject area.


Mr N Richards (Head of Department)

Miss L Kirker (Digital Literacy Co-ordinator)

Mrs K Davies


At KS3 pupils have ICT twice a fortnight. In lessons pupils follow a newly developed and engaging scheme of work. Year 7 pupils work on a variety of topics including: safety, a literacy RICH task concerning endangered animals, Kodu game creation, Lego Mindstorms and multimedia projects using the suite of iPads.


In year 8 the girls have a spreadsheet project ending with a literacy focussed report, a major web design project where they will make their own websites, Scratch programming and Lego robotics work.


Year 9 pupils begin their first project which is about concerning future technologies, that introduces students to Prezi as an online presentation tool, block and text based programming and database creation.

Assessment Structure

The course is made up of 2 units:

·       Unit 1 – Developing Web Products

·       Unit 2 – Creative Multimedia


Unit 1 is an examined unit whereby pupils will create a specific website for a purpose.  This unit will develop pupils’ knowledge and skills in image editing/manipulation, web design, HTML coding and CSS.  This practical exam is sat during year 10 and is worth 25% of the overall grade.


Unit 2 is a coursework unit.  Pupils are given a brief by the exam board to create a set of multimedia products for a specific scenario.  Pupils will create a variety of products including animations, images, videos and websites.  Pupils begin work on this in year 10 and will complete it in year 11.  This unit is worth 75% of the qualification.


The DiDA qualification gives pupils a taste of many aspects of ICT including:

·       Web design

·       HTML/CSS coding

·       Advanced image editing

·       Animation/movie creation & editing


Assessment Structure

The course is split into 4 units over the 2 years. The breakdown is:

* AICT 1 – eBusiness

* AICT 2 - eSkills

* AICT 5 – eProject

* AICT 6 – eStudio



The first unit studied during year 12 is AICT 1 – eBusiness. During this unit students will study how businesses can utilise IT. Students will look at the types of system used, the benefits and drawbacks of each and each student will create a business spreadsheet & database. This unit is a practical exam unit and is worth 40%.


The second unit is a coursework unit. The exam board will set a brief that requires students to independently produce a working spreadsheet, database and website solution for a fictional business. This unit is worth 60%.


AICT 5 in year 13 is a group work project where students will work in a small team to solve a problem set by the exam board. The focus of this unit is on group work and project management. The students will use Microsoft Project and a variety of other software to create their work while communicating and managing. This unit is externally assessed and is worth 40%.


AICT 6 is a multimedia marketing unit. This is coursework that is worth 60%. The project is set by the exam board. Students have to design and create a set of professional standard marketing materials for a fictional organisation. These materials will consist of images/logos, a short video, animations, podcasting/audio editing, photo editing and a website. To aid students with this they have full access to the departments multimedia Apple Mac suite and iPads in addition to a professional green screen and multimedia recording equipment.