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Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School     
Merthyr Dyfan Road
CF62 9YQ
Vale of Glamorgan

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The department aims to provide an educational experience in mathematics that helps students prepare for successful roles in an ever changing society. This is accomplished through our commitment to excellent teaching, a well-designed curriculum, and a supportive environment for all our students. The team are committed to ensuring all students have a solid grounding in essential mathematics skills, with understanding developed and enhanced through challenge. We believe that mathematics is a tool to support students outside of the mathematics classroom, so purpose is demonstrated by making real world and cross-curricular connections. Students are challenged to develop skills in analysis, reasoning, creativity, collaborative learning, and self-expression as they gain knowledge of mathematics.


Staff List Mr Mike Baker (Head of Faculty)

Mrs Leanne Jones (Second in Department/Numeracy Coordinator)

Miss Jade Hodgson (Lead Practitioner in Maths)

Mrs Clare Calvert

Miss Holly Bryant

Miss Kim Larkman  

Mr Mark Adams (Exams Officer)

Dr Sue Mudd (Head of Learning Support)



At KS3 all pupils have 7 hours of teaching a fortnight. Year 7 are taught in their mixed ability form groups until October half term. They are then organised into sets across half of the year group using assessment data from Key Stage 2, their year 6 national numeracy tests and teacher assessment since September. Years 8 and 9 are also taught in sets. Setting is regularly reviewed and changes are made throughout the year. At KS3 our aim is to make the study of Mathematics enjoyable and relevant for all pupils. The schemes of work are led by the new National Curriculum. Pupils are taught to develop means of organising, communicating and manipulating information over a broad range of topics. Pupils are encouraged to use their own initiative and imagination when tackling a variety of tasks. We offer a range of exciting, engaging and multi-faceted

activities. This will contribute to improving student’s thinking skills with an emphasis on collaborative learning.



At KS4, pupils receive 8 hours of teaching per fortnight. The pupils are prepared for the revised WJEC GCSE examinations in Mathematics – Numeracy and Mathematics, which were examined for the first time in November 2016. These examinations are available at Higher, Intermediate and Foundation Tier and the level of entry will be decided at the end of year 10. Pupils will have two attempts at each qualification, with their best grade counting. At the end of year 10, students will sit GCSE Mathematics for the first time. They will then sit the second qualification, Mathematics-Numeracy, in November of year 11. Diagnostic results will be used to ensure an appropriate and challenging target is set for each student, prior to a second attempt at each qualification in the summer of year 11, if appropriate for the student. The department ensures that each pupil is given every opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve the highest grade possible at the end of year 11.


At KS5 pupils are prepared for the new WJEC Mathematics AS and A level examinations. To embark on this course pupils need to have a minimum of a B grade at GCSE (Higher Tier). The AS qualification is split into two units – one pure and one statistics and mechanics unit. The A level qualification includes the two AS units and two additional units, again in pure, statistics and mechanics. ‘Pure’ is a continuation of the GCSE number, algebra and shape topics with calculus also studied. Statistics and Mechanics are applications of maths to everyday situations. Results at maths AS and A level are very good and many pupils go on to University to study Mathematics or related subjects.