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Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School     
Merthyr Dyfan Road
CF62 9YQ
Vale of Glamorgan

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All students study History at Key Stage 3. They study a broad range of topics, starting with life in the Middle Ages in Year 7, the impact of the Tudors and Stuarts in Year 8 and aspects of 20th Century history in Year 9. Topics include Titanic, WWI and Hitler’s Germany. History is an option subject at Key Stage 4. Learning is varied and exciting in the department with pupils encouraged to develop key skills such as literacy, communication, collaborative working, critical thinking and planning & organisation.

Staff List

Mrs Kirsty Phillips (Head of History)
Mr Paul Birch
Miss Gemma Price
Mrs Lauren MacCallum
Mrs Emma Price (Assistant Head teacher)
Mr Tyrone Davies (Head teacher)


Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups, with appropriate differentiation available to cater for all pupils. In Year 7 pupils learn about the Norman Conquest, the development of castles, life in the Middle Ages, the Black Death and the Princes in the Tower. In Year 8 pupils study the Tudors, the significance of Guy Fawkes and Oliver Cromwell, the Slave Trade and children in Industrial Britain. In Year 9 pupils study Titanic, the Suffragettes, World War One, Persecution and Prejudice in the 20th Century and Hitler’s Germany. Students complete three main assessments per year and their levels of achievement help inform the staff of pupil progress.


Students are taught in mixed ability groups. History is one of the five most successful subjects taught at GCSE. We follow the WJEC specification. In Year 10 students cover two depth studies, which cover The USA, A Nation of Contrasts 1910-1929 and Changes in South Africa 1948-1994. Students will also complete one piece of controlled assessment. In Year 11 pupils will complete the final piece of controlled assessment and then cover the outline study, The Development of Germany, 1919-1991.


Students are taught in mixed ability groups. We follow the WJEC specification. In Year 12 students cover Unit 1: Europe in an age of conflict and cooperation, 1891-1991 and Unit 2: The Mid Tudor Crisis, 1529-1553. In Year 13 students cover Unit 3: The American Century, 1890-1990; Unit 4: The Mid Tudor Crisis, 1553-1570; and Unit 5: Historical Interpretations, a non-examination assessment of 3000-4000 words.