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Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School     
Merthyr Dyfan Road
CF62 9YQ
Vale of Glamorgan

Telephone: 01446 403500

Fax: 01446 403501

Email: brynhafrencs.bhcs@valelearning.com


The Faculty believes there is a lot of truth in Aristotle’s assertion that “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” Pupils are encouraged to experiment with language, texts and performance/art to foster a love of the subject and facilitate their progress. Assessment for Learning is central to the faculty’s ethos. Frequent opportunities for peer- and self-assessment are built into the Faculty’s schemes of work so that pupils take ownership of their progress. Year Seven pupils are put into ability groups using their KS2 data and National Reading Test scores. Pupils’ setting is fluid, based on academic performance and potential. Pupils are taught in sets until the end of Key Stage 4. Always, these are flexible to allow for movement between sets as pupils progress. Teachers use performance data to inform their planning and track pupil progress to ensure all pupils achieve or exceed their potential.

 Staff List

Mrs K Victor (Head of Faculty)  

Mrs A Egan (i/c KS3 and Literacy Co-ordinator)  

Mrs C Dix (Year 10 Learning Manager)  

Mrs F Javaid

Mrs L Oakley  

Ms K Pearce

Mrs Janice Rees (Teach First Graduate)



At Key Stage Three, pupils study a range of topics in new Schemes of Learning that have been created with the new English Language GCSE in mind. Topics include: the Gothic tradition; Super Furry Animals; Private Peaceful; Dystopia; and Romeo and Juliet. The Faculty’s end of key stage data has been in BMQ1 for four years. There are creative writing and debating clubs for KS3 pupils.


At Key Stage Four, English Literature and English Language are taught concurrently. All pupils are entered for both qualifications. Pupils study Of Mice and Men, A View from a Bridge, and Lord of the Flies for Literature.  Language-wise, the pupils develop the essential reading and writing skills needed for the GCSE through topic-based schemes of learning such as ‘Space’ and ‘Attitudes to Women’. Revision is every Monday 3-4pm. There is a debating club for KS4 pupils.


At Key Stage Five, the faculty offers English Literature, and traditionally enjoys a large uptake of pupils from Bryn Hafren and Barry Comprehensive School, recognised as Barry Sixth Form. The success rate is high at this level and many pupils go on to study English at university (including Oxford). Teaching at this level is a real privilege and teachers choose their texts to suit their strengths, and the needs of the pupils.